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There are a lot of BIG (and important) ideas in this little book.
--Geary Rummler, PhD, Founder and Chairman 
The Performance Design Lab
Coauthor of Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart

Business Process Management is a Team Sport contends that business process thinking is prerequisite for executives to take advantage of powerful new BPM technologies. The book is less about tools, templates and technologies and more about the set of values, beliefs and business practices needed to navigate through challenging economic times.
--Martin Ashcroft, PhD
Ashcroft Associates

A lot is being written about business process change these days. The bottom-line, however, is that any company that really succeeds at business process change does so because people care and people organize to integrate the organization around processes that are aligned with the organization's strategies. Andrew Spanyi makes the case for the people side of business process change very effectively in this short, focused book.
--Paul Harmon, Executive Editor, 
Business Process Trends newsletter (
Author, Business Process Change

Spanyi's approach is structured, practical and very engaging. I would highly recommend this book to any executive in search of the critical success factors in today's economic environment. It ties together all the fresh thinking on business processes, and illuminates how process thinking is the key to both renewed operational efficiencies and new opportunities for growth. When combined with the course materials assocaited with the book, you've got a $2,000 professional workshop in a book! This book is required reading for everyone in a process-managed enterprise.
--Robert Boulet, Former President and CEO
GE Capital IT Solutions Canada

Andrew Spanyi has made a valuable contribution to the rehabilitation of business processes. He reminds his readers that because processes are nothing less than the way work gets done, they must serve as a cornerstone of substantive,lasting performance improvement. Via simple language and a workshop vignette to which all readers will be able to relate, he presents the fun-damental principals of business process management and responds to the most common challenges to its desirability, viability, and practicality.
--Alan Brache, Partner & Executive Vice President, 
Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. 
Author of How Organizations Work: Taking a Holistic Approach to Enterprise Health and coauthor of Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart

Business Process Management is a Team Sport is a very practical and easy read. I have found that moving even a high-speed Internet company from traditional functional thinking to a more customer-service driven model is indeed a challenging endeavor. My team and I have utilized the concepts out-lined in the book to produced tangible results, moving our organization in new directions.
--Serge Rochette, Vice-President, Network Operations
Rogers Cable Inc.

Spanyi has provided what is desperately needed in many companies: a
disciplined, comprehensive framework for transforming the mental models of the executive team from the traditional functional paradigm to a
customer-focused model that is based on business-process thinking. This
book is a prerequisite read for executives searching for ways to manage the business in a more integrated manner and create an environment that enables sustained competitive advantage.
--Pat Paladino, Vice President, Quality Services Office
Canada Life

Spanyi's book is an interesting and fulfilling combination of the business process management regimen along with diverse real world examples to which just about any business professional will relate. All of this in an imaginative narrative style that makes you fly though the pages even though you have your trusty highlighter in hand.
--Frank D. Lester, President
Union Tank Car Company

Finally, a refreshing,engaging and articulate perspective on giving your business the competitive edge. This book provides valuable insights on the practical issues for successful enterprise-wide business process management.
--Chris Laubitz,
The Caldwell Partners International

Whether you are in the Board room, the management team or the front line, this is a refreshing and eminently readable work that is practical and immediately useful. It provides an approach that allows senior management to build a new thought model in their organizations for successfully implementing Business Process Management.
--Steve Towers, Chairman and Co-founder
The Business Process Management Group (



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