Business Process Management is a Team Sport   
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ISBN: 0929652029
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Business Process Management is a Team Sport is a book on the lighter side, but with a compelling message about the resurgence of business process thinking for competitive advantage. In a quick and easy to read format, the book outlines why thoughtful CEO’s and leadership teams need to manage business processes as the means to competitive survival. 
Indeed, BPM is a team sp
ort—Play it to win! 

"There are a lot of BIG (and important) ideas in this little book."

Geary Rummler, PhD, Founder and Chairman, The Performance Design Lab
Coauthor of Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart 
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The story unfolds in a workshop presented by an internationally recognized  process management thought leader. Workshop participants, from a cross-section of industries, raise topical and relevant questions and challenges. Business Process Management is a Team Sport outlines, in an engaging manner, that BPM provides a robust framework enabling an organization to achieve: 

  • strategic focus, 

  • organizational alignment and 

  • operating discipline. 

Spanyi proposes that organizations need to consciously and intentionally work on transforming the mental models of the executive team from the traditional functional paradigm to a customer-driven model that is based on business process thinking. The book provides insight into why change initiatives like reengineering, continuous improvement and Six Sigma, when implemented piecemeal, are not nearly enough to achieve dominance in today's turbulent business environment. BPM is needed to provide the context for both change initiatives and the application of emerging technology, so that change programs can be deeply and fully integrated across the organization.

Contrary to other books in this field, Business Process Management is a Team Sport contends that business process thinking is prerequisite for executives to take advantage of emerging BPM technologies. The book is less about tools, templates and technologies and more about the set of values, beliefs and business practices needed to navigate through challenging economic times.

Business Process Management is a Team Sport is a must read for executives and line-of-business leaders searching for ways to manage the business in a more integrated manner, and—through applying 21st century BPM techniques, thinking and technologies—create an environment that enables sustainable competitive advantage.


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