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ISBN: 0929652010
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Software Product Management Essentials is a hands-on guide to help new product managers sift through the numerous tasks and responsibilities involved in this pinnacle job. The book is loaded with tips and example best practices to help even experienced product managers optimize their time and effectiveness. Based on proven methods and state-of-the-art processes, the book helps product managers prioritize the many tasks and issues that they confront.   

Product management professionals spend many years refining their craft and sharpening the tools of their trade. Software Product Management Essentials' emphasis on the importance of understanding key processes and the use of practical tools provides an essential head start for the on-time delivery of quality software products.
—Michael J. Salerno, President

Boston Product Management Association          [Read more reviews]

Software Product Management Essentials
is specifically focused on small to mid-sized software companies. It provides a framework for the role of the product manager in an environment where there are few resources available to help in tackling the many things needed for a quality, on-time delivery of software. People considering product management as a career path will appreciate the book’s definition and positioning of the product management role to other functions in the organization. 

Engineers, marketing personnel, quality assurance teams, technical writers, and anyone involved in the product delivery process will find this book extremely useful right away in optimizing the day-to-day interactions across a smaller software organization. Emphasizing that code is only part of the overall software product, Software Product Management Essentials stresses the importance of championing a product. The product champion is the recognized epicenter of the product business. To accomplish this, they must be able to clearly understand the market’s view and integrate it appropriately with the company’s internal perspective. 

Critical topics covered in the book include the product delivery process, beta testing, launching a software product, and software pricing. An entire chapter is dedicated to the issues of expanding the business internationally and the issues a Product Manager must consider before and during expansion.  Numerous templates are provided to fast track the product manager’s work including a sample non-disclosure agreement, product delivery checklist, and beta test agreement and summary.  In an economy where efficiency and delivery are key, Software Product Management Essentials is required reading for any product manager working in a small to mid-sized software company. 



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